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About Us!

XPS is an Arizona based pickup and delivery company with worldwide service capability.  We offer a wide range of services from Courier to Freight Forwarding; in a multitude of time frames that fit our customers needs.

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Who We Are...
  • Dedicated
  • Caring
  • Professional
  • Committed
  • Driven

Welcome to XPS!

XPS was founded by an experienced business professional with with a desire to provide a Best In Class delivery service that would utilize State of the Art Technology and empower employees.

When employees are placed in a Leadership Role, they become part of the solution.   XPS has recruited and hired Industry leading employees to help tackle our company’s vision and promoting our workforce to take ownership.

 This vision at XPS is:

  • Provide Excellent Service.
  • Be Professional.
  • Create an enticing, productive, secure, and financially superior work environment.
  • To be an environmentally conscious company who is committed to "green" principles.
  • Commitment to our customers and to become true "service partners" with all of them.
  • XPS is committed to be open and responsive to all of our service partner's needs.
  • XPS will provide guaranteed on-time delivery services.
  • Utilize technology to enhance our capabilities, improve efficiencies, and reduce cost.
  • Education and continuous improvement programs are a way of life for XPS.
  • Documented process and procedures for operational excellence.

 We look forward to assisting you in all of your service needs.

 Thank You,

 The XPS Team 


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