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Whether you need it across town or around the globe you can count on XPS.

Courier/Messenger Services    (Back to top)
XPS Express

For your time sensitive needs, you can count on XPS's on-time delivery service.  Guaranteed!

  • Express Service - fastest service available, driver will pick-up and go direct with no additional stops
  • One Hour - 60 minutes or less
  • Two Hour - 2 hours or less
  • Four Hour - 4 hours or less
XPS Scheduled

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  XPS is your professional delivery partner.

XPS Route

Twice daily economical service.

  • Same Day - Call in by 10:30am for delivery by 5pm. 
  • Next Day - Call in by 3:30pm for next business day delivery by:
    • 9am
    • 12pm
    • 5pm
XPS Dedicated

Outsource your delivery needs with XPS's uniformed delivery team today.  Eliminate those high fuel cost, insurance premiums and vehicle maintenance with guaranteed on-time deliveries.

Call us at 480-894-4606 or Email us at sales@xpsdelivers.com!

XPS Legal    (Back to top)

Court Services

  • Court Filings
  • Court Research

Service of Process

  • Same Day Rush Service
  • Rush Service
  • Standard Service

Messenger Services

See Courier/Messenger Above


We have a multitude of investigative services available, with a wide range of expertise in specialized fields.

Call us at 480-894-4606 or Email us at sales@xpsdelivers.com!

XPS Medical    (Back to top)

We provide delivery services for all your needs.  Our drivers are trained in proper handling of all medical items and are OSHA and HIPAA compliant.  All couriers carry medical coolers and spill kits and can accommodate your room temp, refrigerated and frozen needs.

  • Medical Supply Deliveries
  • Stats and Routines
  • Pharmaceutical Deliveries
  • Interoffice mail
  • Medical Records
  • Medical Imaging

Call us at 480-894-4606 or Email us at sales@xpsdelivers.com!

XPS Freight     (Back to top)

XPS can meet all your freight needs. Lift gates, stair climbers, 2 wheelers, and pallet jacks are some of the tools we have available. Straight trucks, flatbeds, stake trucks, refrigerated, and tractor trailers are all available.

  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Next Flight Out

Call us at 480-894-4606 or Email us at sales@xpsdelivers.com!

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